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Portable Skid Systems


PVC Heads and Pipes - With LMI Electromagnetic Pump

A practical, reliable and economical solution.

  • 1) Assembly
  • 2) Loaners
  • 3) Start up

Our Package type Standardized system is characterized by its simplicity, versatility and handling for different flows and pressures with applicability in all types of industry. It is a compact, lightweight system that allows easy transfer to any site and easy maintenance, guaranteeing continuous, accurate and controlled injection of chemicals, optimizing consumption and providing safety in handling. Its integrated design is pre calibrated and interconnected with all of its components and is properly assembled on a structure that makes it a portable for easy installation. They may include components for a specific need, allowing you to adjust both the budget and the complexity of the process.


  • Flow: From 0.21 to 25 GPH
  • Pressure: 25 to 250 PSI
  • Viscosity: Up to 350 CP
  • Temperature: Up to 60


  • Minimizes maintenance costs and production downtime caused by a fault or break in flow lines due to corrosion or fouling.
  • Friendly and safe for the operator during  installation and operation (mechanical and electrical) to maintenance and cleaning.
  • Reduces the environmental impact that is generated by chemical spills.
  • It has the technical support of our organization, with more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of solutions for handling, control, metering and mixing of fluids.
  • Fast Access and delivery of spare parts for dosing pumps and any package accessories.
  • Technical support and on-site training and maintenance.
  • Its compact design provides an environment of order, cleanliness and safety.


  • Water treatment in all phases of supply and metering.
  • Treatment and conditioning of water in pool.
  • Industrial production lines in papermaking or food and agriculture.
  • Injecting fertilizers for agriculture.
  • Chemical injection boilers.
  • Compatibility with most chemicals such as potassium permanganate, alum, sodium bisulfite, hydrochloric acid, flocculants, caustic soda, hypochlorite and others.


  • Suction and discharge PVDF.
  • PVDF dispensing head.
  • Remote flow control (4-20 mA).
  • Pressure Relief and  check valve.


  • Plastic storage tank.
  • Shared suction manifold for an indefinite number of dosing systems (Dosiport®).

1. P Series electromagnetic metering pump
Diaphragm pump mechanically actuated, totally inert in Teflon. Polypropylene Shell, highly corrosion resistant that provides a perfect seal and provides encapsulated electronics(IP65).  PVC Dosing head.

2. Metal structure 304SS: Base coated fiberglass

3. Suction and discharge PVC piping.

4. Calibraton Columns

5. “Y” type filter

6. Rotary switch – voltage switch. IP65 enclosure with 120 VAC plug.







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Thanks to our direct distribution agreement with our manufacturers, without intermediaries, we have the possibility of offering discounts.


We provide support in the selection, start up and training for your equipment. * Possibility of plant or field visits (projects in The Americas).


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