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Portable Skid Systems


MROY® electromechanical metering pump from Milton Roy – Specialized for the Petroleum Industry - API-675

A practical, reliable and economical solution.

  • 1) Assembly
  • 2) Loaners
  • 3) Start up

Our Package type Standardized system is characterized by its simplicity, versatility and handling for different flows and pressures with applicability in all types of industry. It is a compact, lightweight system that allows easy transfer to any site and easy maintenance, guaranteeing continuous, accurate and controlled injection of chemicals, optimizing consumption and providing safety in handling. Its integrated design is pre calibrated and interconnected with all of its components and is properly assembled on a structure that makes it a portable for easy installation. They may include components for a specific need, allowing you to adjust both the budget and the complexity of the process.

  • Flow: Up to 87 GPH
  • Pressure: Up to 3,000 PSI
  • Viscosity: Up to 7,500 cP (up to 12,200 cP MROY® Series P)
  • Temperature: Up to 90⁰C
  • Local-manual operation.
  • Suitable for work in classified areas. (Class I and II, Div I and II, Groups C, D, E, F and G)
  • Enclosing NEMA electrical boxes 7 + 4X.


  • Minimizes maintenance costs and production downtime due to faults or breaks in flow lines due to corrosion or fouling.
  • Friendly and safe for the operator during installation, operation (mechanical and electrical), maintenance and cleaning.
  • Reduces the environmental impact that is generated by chemical spills.
  • It has the technical support of our organization with more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of solutions for handling, control, metering and mixing of fluids.
  • Delivery of spare parts for dosing pumps and any accessories in the dosing system.
  • Technical support and on-site training, operation and maintenance.


  • Chemical injection at surface and well bottom.
  • Chemical metering for crude oil treatment.


  • Suction and discharge PVC or stainless Steel piping.
  • Dispensing head in PVC, PVDF, 316SS, Alloy 20 or Alloy C.
  • Metering pump with electronic actuator for remote controlling.
  • Diaphragm rupture Detection system
  • Pulsation damper installation,flow indicator transmitter pressure and backpressure check valves.


Portable Dosiport® Dosage systems can be supplied with:

  • Shared suction manifold for an indefinite number of dispensing equipment. As a modular system, there is the possibility of easy disconnection and removal of each unit independently.
    According to the required need, the Dosiport® can be accompanied by a storage tank for the chemical in use made of polyethylene or stainless steel, an agitator/mixer for simple mixtures and a cover to protect your computer from sun and rain.


1. Electromechanical dosing pump (mROY® by Milton Roy)
Meets API Standard 675. With Teflon diaphragm hydraulically actuated and volume controlled, it has an explosion proof NVXP motor (Non Ventilated Explosion Proof).

• Accuracy: ± 1% • minimum work Recommendation: 10% of the flow range • Electrical connection: 230/460 V 3 PH, 60 Hz.

2. Structure Pipe. 1 “in 304SS with lifting and fixating capabilities.

3. Suction and discharge Pipe line. Rigid stainless steel ½ “NPT and ½” OD Tubing.

4. Calibration Column. In 316SS with acrylic protection.

5. Relief valve. In 316SS spring type, which provides protection to the system and pump, for connections ¼ “x ¼ NPTM” OD.

6. Check valve. Type  spring in 316SS (½ “NPTF) for maximum pressure of 3000 PSI

7. Pressure gauge in 304SS, 1% full scale (Grade A, ASME B40.100). standard With glycerin.

• Dry Case: IP54 • Liquid filled or hermetically sealed case: IP 65
• Connection: ½ “lower national mechanism • Ambient temperature: 7-90 ° C

8. Two-way Manifold. In 316SS (½ “NPTF) for maximum pressures of 6,000 PSI

9. Manifold discharge. In 316SS for maximum pressures of 3,000 PSI

10. Electrical control boxes explosion-proof NEMA 7 + 4X. They include a local keypad (on / off), a transformer (440V / 120V) and a thermal magnetic switch (Tripolar 10 Amp).

11. “Y” type Filter. In 316SS (½ “NPTF, Mesh 20) with manual drain prevents solids from reaching the suction check valves and clogging.





Low Pressure up to 350 PSI (SS) and 150 PSI (PVC)


Low Pressure up to 350 PSI (SS) high viscosity up to 7,500 CP


High Pressure up to 1800 PSI (SS)

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High Pressure up to 2000 PSI (SS)


High Pressure up to 925 PSI (SS)



  • (1) This metering pump model can handle 29 GPH @ 200 PSI
  • (2) The SPM are above the 100 SPM required for the API-675 standard. It Must be verified as not to affect the molecular composition of the chemical to be dosed.
  • (3) This dosing pump model can handle 1.4 GPH @ 700 PSI



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We provide support in the selection, start up and training for your equipment. * Possibility of plant or field visits (projects in The Americas).


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