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Progressive Cavity Pumps LIBERTY PROCESS

The progressing cavity LIBERTY PROCESS pumps are extremely versatile positive displacement pumps because they combine the advantages of producing a non pulsating flow and have the ability to handle products of varying viscosities, , with abrasive solids in suspension and highly abrasive products and are shear sensitive. It has low NPSH requirements and adapts to fluctuations in pressure. When combined with  frequency adjusters, it can vary and control the flow of the pump as required by the process.


  • Non-pulsating flow
  • Under shear effect
  • Modular design
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • ANSI flanged connections, threaded or combined
  • Sealing options: Gaskets / Mechanical Seals
  • Option for base materials: Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel
  • Rotor Materials: Chrome Plated Steel or Stainless Steel Tool
  • Stator Materials: Buna / Nitrile / Viton / EPDM / Natural Rubber and Food Grade
  • Couplings and gaskets for hardened special requirements
  • Option for Motor reducers
  • Open Hopper Progressive Cavity Pumps


  • Pumping applications with high viscosity requirements
  • Pumping applications with high abrasion requirements
  • Pumping applications of viscous solutions with high solid content
  • Transfer and dosing of polymers
  • Pumping effluent, sewage and waste
  • Pumping slurries and grouts
  • Pumping drilling mud
  • Transfer applications heavy crudes
  • Applications pumping sludge digesters
  • Sanitary food-grade pump applications
  • Transfer and dosing of chemicals

Flow Rate: 0.9 – 391 GPM
Rate Pressure: 150 – 225 PSI

Flow Rate: 0 – 293 GPM
Rate Pressure: 0 – 225 PSI

Flow Rate: 54 – 788 GPM
Rate Pressure: 85 – 350 PSI

Flow Rate: 58 – 391 GPM
Rate Pressure: 0 – 150 PSI

Flow Rate: 2.5 – 9.5 GPM
Rate Pressure: 175 – 350 PSI

Flow Rate: 0.02 – 0.80 GPM
Rate Pressure: 0 – 175 PSI

Flow Rate: 10 – 125 GPM
Rate Pressure: 0 – 150 PSI

Flow Rate: 1.9 – 53 GPM
Rate Pressure: 50 – 150 PSI



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